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The parking crew predominantly help keep traffic controlled and organized in Day Parking - conveniently located right by the Music Bowl so you can whistle while you work :)

There are 2 levels of perks depending on how many hours you work.

The "Enhanced to Dance" perk gets you a festival pass with free camping for 16 hours worked.
The "Uber Groover" perk gets you 6 quality organic catered meals for 24 hours worked.

And you must fulfill these requirements:

At least 1 shift after 4pm

Select your shifts, register, and pay deposit


16 hours to "Enhanced to Dance" (a festival pass with free camping)
24 hours to "Uber Groover" (6 quality organic catered meals)


At least 1 shift after 4pm, status: Not done yet.  
0 shifts selected, for a total of 0 hours.

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About the Work Exchanger:

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Refundable Festival Deposit$200
Non-refundable Processing Fee$15
Total Due$215

Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to participate in the work exchange, please email Cassie directly at: immediately. Cancellations made prior to March 15th will not incur a fee, a cancellation fee of $25 takes effect on March 15th, a cancellation fee of $50 takes effect on April 1st, and by cancelling after April 15th you forfeit your entire deposit. Please note the $15 processing fee is separate to your deposit and not refundable.

You must accept all following terms to proceed.

I have read and agree to the cancellation policy.
I agree to add to my contacts list in my email client so that I can receive my confirmation, schedule, and updates.
I am able to attend the Mandatory Volunteer Meeting on Thursday May 16th at 5pm.
I agree to show up for my scheduled shifts ON TIME and SOBER.
I acknowledge that if I break any of these conditions I may not be eligible for a full refund of my volunteer deposit.